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Brad  Butterworth Brad  Butterworth
I first started playing music to people when I was around 7 years old, having a karaoke machine along with a stereo that had 2 tape decks. After recording the National Chart Show from the radio I would work out the timings for the songs and make notes.

In 2009 I started an online radio station with some friends which I enjoyed, but as with any new ventures as a youngster other things took priority in my life (girls) and it all died out.

That was until I was hosting a quiz in Dorchester, Dorset where there was a raffle in the half time break, one of the prizes was a 2-hour radio show on a local station. It was at this point I knew I needed to win this prize, myself and a friend bought several tickets and was lucky enough to win the prize.

This was where it all started, after my one off show on the 2nd July 2013 I was asked back to the station to cover a slot for a presenter that was traveling the world, I took on my first ever show called High Noon on a Sunday, then 8 weeks later I was told that I was to lose my place on High Noon as I was to take over the Saturday Sports Show from the following week and as they say the rest is history.

Still presenting the Saturday Sports Show I now have experience in nearly every type of show at a radio station including, Drive-time, Breakfast and my favourite of them all The Chart Show.

In 2016 I created a syndicated Chart Show called The Great Big Chart. A show that I have always loved to present, the take up of the show was overwhelming and you can hear the Top 30 being counted down today on stations all over the UK and Overseas.

Join Brad on Seahaven FM every Saturday at 9pm as he counts down the biggest selling songs from this week on The Great Big Chart.


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