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Sunday Night Bonanza

Chris Head Chris Head
I am Sussex born and bred, apart from a few years working in London where I fine-tuned my interest in music and radio, working at the BBC.

Before that I braved the icy North Sea winds while at university in Hull: one of those much-maligned (but utterly wonderful) media studies courses.

I knew I wanted to work in radio - literally - on my eighth birthday, when I received a small portable radio as a present from my parents. It's a cliche now of course, but I really did take it to bed and listen to it under the covers when I should have been sleeping. I remember vividly wondering how the music came out of the black box, through the silver grille at the front, and I wanted to find out.

And it didn't leave me. After graduating in documentary radio production, I found work at the BBC, starting with educational programmes for schoolchildren, and then, via TV and sound work across a number of different networks and stations, leaving the corporation after fourteen years; the most recent six at Radio 1.

I had an answer to my question by then - the thing that gets that noise out of a radio is people: people doing sometimes extraordinary things to entertain, whether it be in the production of music, drama, documentary, or in the bringing of this collective noise to the ears of a listener.

My musical tastes are varied and diverse; everyone says that I suppose. But mine have been informed by intense listening and by the spending of too much money on music since I started earning it. I had the privilege of sharing an office with the late John Peel at the start of my time at Radio 1. He once remarked that it depressed him that he would never be able to listen to all the music in his library again - he had too much of it for his - for anyone's - lifetime.

So on my Sunday Night Bonanaza programme - 9pm-midnight - which I present with one of my very best friends Roger Coleman, you can expect to hear a subliminal cue. The idea is to play familiar songs but, perhaps, more importantly, some lost gems, album tracks, the best in leftfield rock, spiky pop, dance and electronica.

And we have a pretty good time of it along the way. We plough everything we know into it.

It's not called The Sunday Night Bonanza for nothing. We like to say 'Next weekend starts here'.

Please do join us at 9 pm every Sunday. You would be very very very very very very welcome.


Chris Head



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